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AVSL Ballarat – Full Information

AVSL 2023/24 – Full Information

AVSL 2023/24 – Full Information (20230916 AVSL Program of Events BALLARAT Timetable)


What is AVSL?

AVSL is a summer season competition where clubs from all around Victoria compete in divisions with each athletes securing points for their clubs. There are 5 venues around Victoria, including Ballarat, where the events take place predominantly on a Saturday afternoon. This year one of our clubs has entered the premier division while the others are across division 2 & 3.

How can I compete?

In order to compete in the AVSL competition you need to become an Athletics Victoria Base member at a minimum, this provides you with insurance and access to events. You can then choose 3 options including individual round entry, Athletics Victoria Summer package or a Ballarat Package

Individual Round Entry – If you only expect to be able to compete in 2-5 rounds of AVSL then you can pay per round you enter as an easier option ($15 per round)

Ballarat Summer Package – This option will allow you to compete in all AVSL rounds in Ballarat ONLY, purchasing this option will mean free entry to Ballarat AVSL rounds (Will still need to enter each round)

Athletics Victoria Summer Package – This option will allow you to compete in all AVSL rounds in any venue across the entire state. Select this option if you are intending on following certain events across the state.

You can find the base membership information here

You will need to join a club to purchase a membership, you can find our list of clubs on this page


How to purchase a Ballarat Package

If you want to purchase a Ballarat Package you can email with your full name, DOB and bib number (AV) to start the process. You will then be asked to bank transfer a payment to the BRAC account with your full name and bib number so we can match it up in our system. Once completed, you will have free entry into each AVSL round

Alternatively, you can pay via EFT or cash at Round 1 or 2 of the AVSL season PRIOR to the competition starting. Make sure to get to the venue early in the first round to ensure plenty of time.


How to enter AVSL Rounds

With the AVSL season fast approach the Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre will continue to run their own entry system for the AVSL season here in Ballarat. For each round of the AVSL season, members can enter up to 4 events (Plus a relay) through the Google Form which will be posted on the website and social media each round. Athletes must enter each round prior to Thursday 6pm, no on the entries will be allowed. Make sure when entering that you can attend each event on a time basis and ensure clashes are at a minimum.


What are the Rules of AVSL?

You can find all additional information and rules via the Athletics Victoria website here


Anything I should know before I attend?

Here in Ballarat we pride ourselves on creating a positive and inclusive environment to enjoy athletics. We have dedicated officials and helpers across the season that support the running of the event, dedicating their time to ensure the day run smoothly. We ask that all athletes, parents, spectators ect respect the officials on the day and behave in an appropriate manner

You also must wear your club uniform in full and have your bib number displayed clearly while competing in Ballarat. Please ask your club for a uniform and your bib number will come directly from Athletics Victoria.