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BRAC Governance Structure Redevelopment

The Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre (BRAC) club representatives recently voted to change the existing governance structure of the organisation to a skills-based board with operational sub-committees.

The change in structure allows the organisation to align with Aus Sport principles and grow the sport for all in the Ballarat community. The new governance structure has been created with support from Athletics Victoria, City of Ballarat and input from the athletics community through the strategic plan surveys and workshops.

The new structure will involve a 7-person board supported by 5 sub-committees, each board members will have an allocated portfolio to manage with each sub-committee having a representative that sits on the board.

All Ballarat athletics community members are eligible to nominate for a position on the board with voting conducted at the AGM on May 29th 2023.

The new board structure will come into effect from the AGM date with nomination for the board opening 28 days prior to the AGM date. All members currently registered with an athletics club in the region are encouraged to apply for the board. Members from outside the current athletics community may also apply and can be placed on the board under special circumstances.

All further information on the change can be found in the attached information document

BRAC Committee Structure UPDATED 28.03.23

Terms of Reference – BRAC Board