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Find all the frequently asked questions below about the facility, joining athletics, clubs, training and bookings.

As of January 1st, 2024, Llanberris Reserve is a FREE access facility via the turnstile on site. Members of the community can access the track between 6am – 10pm each day with the facility locked overnight

Members can park in the York St Carpark and enter via the turnstile for general training 

During competitions the gates are open and you can drive into the facility

There are several ways you can get started in athletics all connected to the centre. In Ballarat, we have five athletics clubs that are always looking for new members to help start their athletics journey. The five clubs offer a variety of different membership which can be located on their websites or the Athletics Victoria website. All clubs (excluding Little Athletics Ballarat) are affiliated members of the Athletics Victoria (AV) state organisation and members will be required to register through AV to attend certain events through the year. Little Athletics Ballarat is affiliated with their state organisation too in Little Athletics Victoria.

Head to our Find A Club section for more information!

If joining a club straight away isn’t your thing, reach out to an athletics coach here and book in a session. All coaches listed are qualified through Athletics Australia and have valid WWCC and insurance. A coach can be a great way to learn the sport without initially committing.

The Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre run our Track & Field season over summer from October through to April in conjunction with Athletics Victoria. The four Ballarat senior clubs complete within the Athletics Victoria Shield League on Saturday’s over summer, you can find out more here You can register with a 
Ballarat club which can be found on our “Find a club” page and compete in Ballarat at Llanberris Reserve to earn points for your club.  

Here in Ballarat we have some of the best coaches in Australia with decades of coaching experience across a variety of events. Find a Coach on our website to connect with coaches in Ballarat that suit you or alternatively, you can check out the Athletics Victoria page to find a coach from a different area.

The Ballarat facilities is one of the main regional athletics track in Victoria with facilities for everyone

  • 10 Lane front and back straight (9 lanes around the track)
  • 4 Steeplechase jumps (1 permanent built in waterjump)
  • 4 Long Jump pits (2 open for training at all times)
  • 2 Shot Put Rings
  • 1 Permanent Hammer Cage (Speak with management prior if you are planning a training session)
  • 1 High Jump (Speak with management prior if you are planning a training session)
  • Pole Vault Mat and equipment

BRAC also have other equipment including extra high jump mats, shotputs/discus/javelins and timing equipment that can be made available to schools and larger groups on requests. These extras must be discussed with BRAC prior to an event.

Yes, the centre has the option of privately booking the facility during the week and on weekends (Pending existing events)

Schools can book the facility from 8:30am-3:00pm (School administrators may arrive earlier for set up after communicating with facilities manager)

Other users groups may book the facility at different times, if you are interested in booking the facility for a group larger than 15 people, please email the facilities manager who will help you with a booking form 

Along with booking the facility, members can book the Stuart Hunter building and use the inside of the building along with equipment which can be provided to groups on completion of an equipment form. If you are wanting to book the facility on the weekend, please reach out to management first and discuss options

Ballarat has far exceeded expectations in producing not only many Olympians across a variety of events but has produced the most prolific athletics Olympic track and field medallist in Australian history in Jarrod Talent! Talent’s 4 Olympic medals is the most by an Australian athlete in athletics ever. Ballarat has strong history of middle-long distance runners with Olympic and world championship participants with Tony Benson, Steve Moneghetti (OAM) and Collis Birmingham, all registered for a Ballarat club while competing at the olympics.

Ballarat also has a strong history in field events with Kathryn Mitchell (Javelin) and John Vernon (High-Jump) competing at Olympic games. Among other Olympic games athletes who were registered with a Ballarat club at the time of competing include Victoria Mitchell, Hector Begeo, Willi Sawall, Jodie Willis-Roberts (Para), Rachel Tallent.