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BRAC Board Nomination 2023 – All Information

The Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre has voted in favour of changing the current board structure to reflect a change in the organisations growth. Under the new structure, BRAC will have a strategic board of 7 members each with a designated skill portfolio to manage. The board will then be supported by 5 operational sub-committees that work with the board to grow the organisation.

Full documentation can be found here - BRAC Committee Structure UPDATED 28.03.23

Nomination Form

BRAC Board 

The seven skills portfolio all relate to an important part of the organisations strategic responsibilities and will help define the future of the sport. Any individual who feels they fit the needs of the board may nominate and include a preference of portfolio in the application. If 7 or less individuals apply, they will all be automatically placed as the new board of the organisation. If more than 7 apply, all nominations will be voted in via the members clubs within the organisations shared equally. The voting system will be a collected points system based on nominating preferences from 1 – 7. Each voting party will nominated preference from 1-7 with points allocating the 7 individuals selected for the positions.

At the first meeting of the board in June 2023, the 7 members will allocate themselves the skill portfolios as outlined below

To gain an understanding of the structure and each position, please see below skill Portfolio Descriptions

Asset Management – Portfolio Description

Club Support & Development – Portfolio Description

Coaching & Officials – Portfolio Description

Communication, Marketing & IT – Portfolio Description

Community Participation & Growth – Portfolio Description

Finance & Risk – Portfolio Description

Operations & Events – Portfolio Description


BRAC Sub-Committees 

Along with the board, BRAC will be supported by 5 sub-committees that help manage the operations of the organisational and support the board. A majority of the day to day operations will be conducted at sub-committee level with less restrictions on membership and commitment. The sub-committees are open to anyone with interested with no current restriction on numbers provided the sub-committee can work effectively within their responsibility*. Once the portfolios are selected within the board, the designated board member will help form their sub-committee with members from the community. The designated board members may seek out members or simply open up for options. All members are welcome on the sub-committees but one members can only exist on two sub-committees in total at the one time. Each sub-committee must meet and produce a report to the board  at least 6 times a year to stay active. Sub-committees may meet more regularly if they feel applicable. Anyone can be a members of up to two different sub-committees at once.

*The designated board members does have the right to remove members if they feel they aren’t contributing to the committee. The process however will need to be heard at board level with the removing member being allowed a formal review process.

Please see below each sub-committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – Club Liasion Committee

Terms of Reference – Finance & Risk Committee

Terms of Reference – Llanberris Management Committee

Terms of Reference – Members Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference – Operations & Events Committee


Board Process

If more than 7 nominations are received, a voting process will take place at the AGM. Each club will receive 2 voting cards to fill out naming their first 7 preferences for board positions. A voting card will ask to fill a 1st preference followed by a 2nd all the way down to 7th

Once all cards are filled out, a points system will be allocated to elect the top 7 members for the board. All nomination who may miss out of the board are welcome to join up to two sub-committees.



All nomination can be received through Printed version can be available, please email for information



You can also express interest to join an operational sub-committee here